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Thou Art Mom is an exploration of motherhood and creativity. It speaks of how the two influence and conflict with one another. For many women the decision to have a child is fraught with conflict about what it will require them to give up and how it will change their identity. Never is this conflict never more acute than for women who are artists and often already juggling many aspects of their personal and professional lives. 


The project was conceived through my own experiences of raising two sons while working a full time job in publishing and trying to sustain an art practice. Through ebbs and flows I have continued to make art and pursue a career as an artist throughout my children’s lives. As I began interviewing the other artists, common themes began to emerge. It was comforting to hear from others who had faced similar challenges. Likewise I hope this project will inspire other artists to persevere with their own creative pursuits through the toughest parenting years; as well as allow young artists, who might be considering their future family planning, a chance to hear some truth.

Art Moms are welcome to join our Facebook group for support and networking.

Ann LePore
Francesca Azzara
Megan Klim
Kate Dodd
Donna Conklin King
Eileen Ferara
Sarah Petruziello
Alaine Becker
Jennifer Krause Chapeau
Michelle Doll
Nancy Cohen
Norene Leddy
Adrienne Wheller
Thea Clark
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