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In the series Suburban Sprawl housing developments resting on parcels of formerly forested land display mega mansions. The houses themselves almost look like a temporary movie set with their poorly constructed opulence. The “neighborhoods” look like they are specifically designed to keep one another apart with no sidewalks, common areas, or infrastructure. All of this was created by bulldozing farm and woodlands and then the streets are named after the things they destroyed. The colors in this series are manipulated to illustrate the damage to the environment that disrupting natural ecosystems by over-developing is causing.
“An undercurrent of remorse at diminishing urban parkland can be detected in images here by Patrick Grenier, Susan Evans Grove and Jason Burch. Darker forces cloud other, related imagery, suggestive of environmental catastrophe.” - Benjamin Genocchio, New York Times.

Whitewater Drive
Butterfly Court
Pond View Circle
Grey Mare Lane
Forest Edge Place
Anise Court
Rocky Brook Lane
Mirage Blvd.
Cottage Place
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