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“Full Count”, 2020


Six months before the 2016 election Republicans refused to move forward with President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat, stating that it was too close to the election and the new administration should fill the seat. In September of 2020, just six weeks before the presidential election, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died and the Republicans pushed through the nomination of Amy Coney Barret, tilting the court to the right. The nine judges, like the nine position players on a baseball field, are both individual players but a team. Collectively they decide the laws of the land and currently hold the fate of such hot button issues as the continuation of the Affordable Care Act and abortion rights.


"Full count" is made of nine reconstructed baseball trophies. Each trophy represents a position player and a Supreme Court Justice. Nine separate pieces displayed together. Each piece is 8” high x 3” wide x 2” deep. A “full count” in baseball refers to a pitcher having three balls and two strikes, One more ball and the batter walks and one more strike and the batter is out.

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