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“Error”, 2020


On June 1, 2017 President Donald Trump announced he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord stating it was costing America a “vast fortune” and millions of jobs. There was no mention in his statement of the imminent disaster that climate change presents nor the very likely possibility of economic growth in instating a green economy. Instead he played on the fears of his supporters that America’s glory days were at stake and the only way to succeed is the old way.

*note: President Biden rejoined the Paris Climate agreement as one of his first acts in office in January 2021

"Error" is made from a found baseball with the leather removed and repurposed baseball trophies. The piece measures 6.5” high x 6” wide x 2.5” deep. An "error" in baseball is a mistake in fielding the ball that allows a batter to reach base or a base runner to advance.

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