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Early in the pandemic when people were sequestered we started to see that lessening our carbon footprint really did create positive changes in the environment. During this time I moved into a new studio which allowed me to think about how to express my ongoing concerns about climate change, and specifically rising sea levels, in a new way. There I was able to visualize what our world would look like completely underwater. By using food colored water and spotlights shining through various glass vessels and to “paint” with light onto the wall. These images represent the awesome beauty and frightening power of water.


This work is literally painted with light. My images are often described as painterly and certainly painting is a huge influence on my visual language. I am interested in people’s reactions when they find out my images are not paintings. I hope that leads them to question their presumptions around other things.

King Tides 1950
King Tides 2062
King Tides 1935
King Tides 1949
King Tides 1921
King Tides 1909
King Tides 1895
King Tides 1767
King Tides 1852
King Tides 1753
King Tides 1687
Kiing Tides 1916
King Tides 1481
King Tides 1392
King Tides 1834
King Tides 1801
King Tides 1739
King Tides 1728
King Tides 1726
King Tides 1725
King Tides 1719
King Tides 1712
King Tides 1626
King Tides 1565
King Tides 1474
King Tides 1948
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